Jono and Wendy's Most Excellent African Adventure




You are invited to celebrate Wendy and Jono’s Great African Adventure™ by coming along to their party!  For those of you who didn’t know anything about the trip… Doh! Where have you been for the last 6 months?!

The travel itinerary is that we are flying into South Africa on 23 September 2009… and we are flying out of South Africa in mid-March 2010. Erm… and in between Sept 2009 - March 2010, we hope to be travelling through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and Mozambique. But not necessarily in that order... In fact, we have no order or generally any idea. So… that’s kinda the schedule as it stands…

It’s going to be a great 6 months and it’s important that we set some learning objectives too, so here goes a few:

1. To see if Wendy and Jono can run out of crap to talk about
2. To see who gets a deeper tan
3. To see how long Wendy can survive without her high heels
4. Find Mvu the hippo…
5. To see whether Wendy can travel without creating an international incident… (well, she was in Thailand when they had a coup AND when they closed the airports…)
6. To conduct a social experiment and see if Jono's accent becomes more British as we travel further into deepest darkest Africa...
7. To go truly local by eating mopane worms washed down with a bit of chibuku in Zim without throwing up... (Go on, wikipedia it...)

So come along and buy us a few drinks… and give us your survival tips… For example:

1. Should we fall into the Victoria Falls, we should take a deep breath before going over the edge…
2. Should we find ourselves standing in the pathway of a charging rhino and not see any tree to climb, then we should stand our ground and shout… (Great! Lovin’ the idea of playing chicken with a rhino…!)
3. Should you find your limb (ie your arm) trapped in a crocodile's mouth, you should tap it (politely) on its snout / nose... and presumably say " I say, old chap, mind if I have my arm back...?"
4. To avoid being eaten alive by mossies, Jono will ensure that he has plenty of repellent at hand - in other words, Wendy (the mossie-magnet)...

The plan for the evening is to meet up in the upstairs bar in All Bar One in Brindley Place... After that... who knows...! So come along!